Our Mission

Madison Furniture is committed to incorporating environmental sustainability in all our business practices and manufacturing processes. We feel it is important to provide well-designed furniture in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

Strength, durability and tailored to meet the standards of a piece you would want in your own home.  We build our product to withstand the strenuous environment of the contract world.  Using high grade foams and Oregon grown Alder we want our products to look and feel as good on day one as they do several years down the road.

We ship our products all over the US from Hawaii and Alaska to Florida.  We can’t afford to build a product that will fail.

We love a challenge.  Do you have a concept or product you want to build?  Bring it to us.  Our product line and knowledge has expanded over the years because of our willingness to learn and develop new pieces.  Because of the nature of custom furniture, quantity is always your friend in aiding in development costs.  Don’t let that deter your desires to see a piece built.  We will look at anything and let you know if we can or can’t build it!

Robert Cohns, President

Our History

In 1994 Madison Furniture was born in a garage on Tanglewood Dr., a quaint little neighborhood in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  With the help of family members and friends, Robert Cohns set out to use his already 15 years of industry knowledge to build upholstered sofas and chairs primarily for the retail environment. 

After only a few months Madison moved into a factory in Tigard, Oregon and began scaling production.

In 1999 Madison was introduced to the contract world when it started building furniture for Hospitality which later became one of the primary markets.  By 2010, Madison was building contract furniture for the senior living community and by 2015 had completed over 150 projects for Emeritus Senior living before they were eventually bought out by Brookdale.  Now heavily in the contract world, that is where Madison planned to stay.

Today Madison is almost strictly contract, building furniture for Hospitality,  Senior living, Universities, Office, and various other commercial businesses.