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Senior Products

At Madison we understand the specific seating requirements for seniors.  Seating depths are a little shallower, 19\” to be exact.   Seating heights cannot be too high, but not so low as to be scary when sitting, again 19\” is ideal.  Seat cushions must be firm but not uncomfortably hard and back support a little more upright and soft with support.  Any product in our line can be made to these specifications simply by designating \”senior\” in the order. 

We are in the process of adding a selection of fabrics designed for seniors and will have those shown under the fabrics tab, crypton select.  These will be very durable, very moisture proof and very affordable.  Seat decking, under the cushions, is also a special moisture proof fabric.

If you are designing or purchasing for a facility, please look at the benches 205, 207 and 210.  These benches have backs with the comfort of full upholstered loveseats and have been extremely popular with the residents.  These of course are also available without backs.