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COVID-19 Updates

Madison Furniture Mfg. has reopened! We’re so thankful to be back in the presence of one-another, working as a team to stay healthy while building quality furniture.

These times are still so uncertain, but we’re doing all we can to stay safe and healthy while serving our customers. We’ve highlighted our guidelines below, and ask that you read through them for understanding and peace-of-mind.


COVID10 Guidelines and Practices at Madison

Company Practices

We are back and working within OSHA guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID19. Our practices include wearing masks, maintaining six feet distance from one another, using plastic screens between our sewing stations and in jobs that cannot be six feet apart, hand-washing, station sanitizing, and pre-entry screening for both employees, customers, and vendors.

Visitor Guidelines

We are currently asking that all visits are essential to operating the factory. This includes deliveries and restocking. If you must enter our facilities, please come to the office. You will be required to wear a mask and participate in the pre-entry screening. If you are unloading from a truck delivery, you are still subject to the pre-entry screening. Please note that the pre-entry screening involves a touch-free temperature check. 

Non-Essential Visits

Currently, non-essential visits are on hold until determined safe. This includes representatives and customers. 


We still want to help you as best we can while protecting the health of the community. Because of this, we ask that you call or email with any inquiries. Often, we can help from afar just as much as we can up close.

Customers who want help with choosing a fabric are encouraged to look through our vendors’ websites then reach out via email or phone with an idea in mind so that we can help pinpoint the fabric. Vendor websites can be found under “Resources” then “Fabrics.”


Packages can be dropped off outside of the office. We may wish to inspect the package, but we are happy to have you sign for us as possible.

Contact Us

For help with fabric or to set up an e-meeting, reach out to Kendall at or call 800-971-2123 for help with fabric. Her office hours are Monday and Thursday 7am-330pm PST, and Tuesday and Friday 6am-230pm PST.

For all other inquiries, you may reach out to either,, or, or call 800-971-2123. 

A Closing Word

We hope to see you again soon, but we simply cannot tell what the future holds. Our fingers are crossed for health and safety as Oregon reopens. To this end, we are observing OSHA guidelines and beyond to protect our vendors, reps, customers, and team.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this still tumultuous time. We want to provide our product and service as best as we can, so please contact us to see what we can work out.

With love and care,

The Team at Madison Furniture Mfg.